An wicked witch of the Living nightmares


WS 32
BS 34
Str 30
T 33
AG 31
INT 31
PER 33
WP 61
FEL 25

Awareness X
Deceive X
Intimidate X
Chem use X

Speak low gothic
Psyniscience X
Invocation X
Trade (soothsayer) x
Literacy X
Forbidden lore (warp) X
Forbidden lore (psykers) X

Melee weapon training, primitive
Pistol weapon training, Solid proj. & Laser
Basic weapon training, Flame
Resistance (psychic)
Psyrating 3
Cleanse and purify
Light sleeper
Rapid reload
Corpus conversion

Psychic Discipline, Biomancy
Psychic powers
Fearful aura, call item, wither,spasm,touch of madness,forget me,warp howl,white noise,call creatures.
Discipline power, Constrict.

Wounds 14
Fate points 2
Insanity points 10
Disorder Nightmare forest


I woke up chained to an operating table in an small dimly lighted room, i was naked and the steel surface of the table felt ice cold against my thinly back. I shivered, both from the cold and fear.
I couldnt remember anything from my past, not even my name or age.

i started to scream and struggle against the chains and soon the door to room suddenly opened, i stopped and laid perfectly still.

In walked two black eyed psykers, who stepped on both sides of the bed.
They stared at me with their cold, dead eyes for what felt like an eternality untill they finally left without saying a word, closing the door after them.

Few minutes later in came an cleric, he walked next to my head, lighted few strange smelling incenses and started chanting from large worn out book with red leather binding.

When the incenses finally burned out, he stopped, put the book on the small table next to the bed, reached inside his cloak and pulled out an small bottle full of murky green liquid.

he poured the content of the bottle on my head and chest and started chanting again.
At first the liquid felt cold and thick, but soon it started to get warmer and warmer and not long after that it felt like acid, burning and eating my flesh.
I started to feel dizzy,i struggled and screamed in pain and terror. i could still hear the priests powerful voice chanting over my body before i lost my consciounsness.

When i woke up the next time, i was in still in the same room, but i was no longer chained up or naked, i was dressed in an simple blue robe and when i stood up and looked on the small table on my left, i saw an unique looked knife, an knife which would never leave my side as long as i lived.

The Nightmare,
The premise of the nightmare is always the same, its night time and i’m in this strange, thick forest, long undergroth reaches up to my waist and the air feels hostile and thick, almost porrige like. its difficult to breath, theres strange noises to be heard from everywhere around me and sometimes i spot an glimpse of glowing eyes and sharp teeth in the darkness, something huge and unnatural moves around behind the treelines, stalking, preying,waiting…… everytime the presense of the creature feels stronger, it feels like its getting closer and closer, but i wake up everytime before it comes close enough to be seen….
Luckily its only an dream.


The Awakened metallikonna