Haxtes Drusin

An Arbitrator with no hesitation for any means necessary to achieve ones goals.


Only the insane have the strength to prosper.

WS 35
BS 50
S 35
T 37
A 25
I 55
P 25
W 35
F 45

Basic Skills
Awareness X
Barter X
Dodge XX
Inquiry XXX
Intimidate XX
Logic X
Scrutiny XX

Imperial Creed
Imperium X

Literacy X
High Gothic
Low Gothic X

Advanced Skills
Adeptus Arbites XXX
Underworld X
Drive: Ground Vehicle X
Ciphers: Underworld X
Interrogation XX
Tech Use X
Blather X
Tracking X
Shadowing X

Quick Draw
Rapid Reload
Swift Attack
Nerves of Steel
Combat Master


Adeptus Arbites
Arbitrator Personnel File #142

Serial Number: CS819-AD413202
Name: Haxtes Drusin
Status: Alive
Location: Unknown

Arbitrator Haxtes Drusin stands at a height of 190 centimeters, weighing 100 kilograms and has short dark hair. He is of fit build. Arbitrator Drusin suffers from an injury to his left thigh caused by a sharp long object, possibly a spear. This leaves him with a slight limp. No effect on efficiency. No other injuries known.

- Arbitrator Haxtes Drusin has been witnessed consuming alcoholic beverages including but not limited to amazec. Possibly a cause of post-traumatic stress. Arbitrator Drusin refuses to undergo psychological tests. No further investigation needed yet.
- Arbitrator Haxtes Drusin is known to be quick to resort to harmful both physical and mental means to achieve a positive result. No disciplinary action necessary yet.
- Arbitrator Haxtes Drusin is proficient with many basic and pistol weapons, prefers shock melee weapons.

Haxtes Drusin

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