The Awakened

First attempt (log)

Following the surge of psychic force was a widespread panic in the area. The acolytes decided it was best to make themselves scarce. After having cleared from the area and patched any injuries from the blast, it was time to begin investigating further into Garvel Gral. By a few inquiries they were able to discover a possible hideout of the culprit. He was known to reside inside a gang hideout. A gang known as The Copper Stalkers.

Now having the knowledge of the location of the hideout, they were able to pick up patterns of the hideout guard patrols and what the hideout seemed on the outside. A possible window of opportunity on the landing pad on the 12th floor revealed itself. Further investigating into Garvel Gral in the Arbites archieves allowed the acolytes to recognize him if they were to meet inside the hideout.

A plan was set on how to enter the hideout through the landing pad. Taking out the single guard was a trivial task with the help of a simple psychic trick for shrouding any gunfire and a few carefully aimed shots. The acolytes rappelled themselves onto the landing pad and headed for the doorway. Entering the hideout and eliminating a few loose ends to cover their exit they soon discovered that the hideout’s vastness and complexity may in fact prove troublesome for the finding of Garvel. Still, although discouraged by the fact, they decided to head onwards to the upper floor.

They ran into a group of gang members. A battle broke loose. Gunfire, psychic powers and the clanging of melee weapons were surely enough to wake up the entire hideout. It was time to call the infiltration mission a failure and evacuate. While making their way back to the 12th floor and the landing pad, they could already hear the rampaging gang members climbing the stairs. Quickly setting up another rappel to the streets from the landing pad and covering their exit with suppressive fire, the acolytes were able to escape.

In summary, a severely injured psyker, wasted bullets and a gang hideout on alert – credentials for a not-so-successfull mission. Maybe next time…



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