The Awakened

In the sunken city (log)

The acolytes descended down into the bowels of the floating city, and headed for a safe house assigned to them. At the safe house, they were contacted by inquisitor Irquol Sul via hologram. After delivering the news to the inquisitor, most importantly the name of Calistria, the inquisitor gave new orders to the acolytes. Apparently Calistria Lireas is a rival inquisitor, a radical in Irquol Sul’s words, and that she has started to eliminate inquisitor Sul’s acolyte cells. However, her grasp of Landunder is tenuous, and the assassination of Garvel Gral, a key member in her organization should disable her network on the planet. Which is what the group was then instructed to do.

Beginning their search in The End, which is a local name for the underhive, the acolytes were accosted by a group of hivegangers. The psyker attempted to scare the gangers off by using a small amount of psychic force. Yet, as it often is with the energies of warp, this backfired as a massive torrent of electrical psychic energy washed over a large section of The End. This was bound to cause problems for the acolytes…



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