The Hunt Begins

It took weeks, but finally the acolytes managed to clear out a den of cultists from a nearby city. The cult was new, and most likely many of its adherents did not even know they were part of a cult, thinking they were merely part of a secret society that encourages art and finer things in life. That is how many of Slaaneshs cults begin. No matter, they are now purged from Calixis and the acolytes return to their base of operations in Hive Sibellus.

The uneventful journey was stopped by a sudden explosion, which destroyed a large part of the monotrain the acolytes were riding in. In what seemed to have been a miracle from the God-Emperor himself, the acolytes survived the explosion and the following fall to the ground with no serious injury. However, it soon became evident that a group of unknown soldiers were executing survivors of the crash one by one.

After a brief battle, the acolytes managed to find a damaged datapad from one of the attackers, which yielded the name Calistria. They also discovered a vehicle a couple kilometers from the railway. After inspection, the acolytes discovered that all the flight data had been purged from the cogitator, and that any further recordings were disabled. This would have needed someone very capable with technology. Perhaps a tech-priest.


The Hunt Begins

The Awakened Juzmander